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Below you will find all of the forms you will need for MPACT. 

Pre-Registration Form - for your use only, just to help you with the registration process if needed.

Adult Forms Packet - All forms and info you need for your adult sponsors

Minor Forms Packet - All forms and info you need for students and their parents

18+ Student Recommendation Form - We do not require background checks for 18+ students, we ask that you fill out this form where you vouch for them and their behavior.

Form Checklist - Use this to make sure you have everything you need to bring with you to MPACT.


Youth Pastors, the You and Your Youth Booklet has all of the information you need for MPACT in it. It is a great resource for all leaders to help answer questions about MPACT for themselves, parents, or youth.

You and Your Youth Booklet 2023

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