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MPACT travels to a different town in Texas every year. We rely on churches each year to host us in order for MPACT to happen. For more information about hosting MPACT contact Mark McBride at 512-229-6555.

What we need from a host:

Locations for the following:

- A place for 300 to sleep (Gymnasium/Gymnasiums/classrooms)
- A place where 300 can eat 
- An additional space where 100 adults can meet and eat breakfast (morning only)
- A place where 300 can worship (we can use an overflow room if needed)
- A place that has at least 15-20 showers - we can bring in shower trailers if needed

Meals needed - Provide -15 meals during the week
- Breakfast - Sunday-Friday = 6
- Lunch - Sunday - Wednesday = 4 (Monday-Wednesday will be sack lunches)

- Dinner - Saturday - Wednesday = 5 

Other meals will be provided by MPACT or participants during fund day or travel.


Projects - we usually do 40-80 projects during the week depending on size. 

What we will provide:

- 27 years of experience hosting this event in Texas
- A support staff of veteran Mpact personnel - help before and during MPACT
- We would help supplement some of the pay for the custodial staff during the week 
- We will provide liability insurance 
- MPACT staff will arrive the day before MPACT to help preparation
- A workforce of 250-300 (Students and Adults) 10-20 work teams
- Tools/Equipment for all of our participants to use

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